I’m an MA Student in Radio Production at Bournemouth University, England, but to me that’s less important than the fact that I genuinely love radio drama, and I’ve always thought it a bit of a shame that not many people talk about it online.

This blog serves as a bit of a listening diary, to remind me of the very best (and, on occasion, the very worst) of the drama and comedy I listen to. But I hope it also encourages people who pass through here to take what has become quite a po-faced, introspective medium a little less seriously, to see that there’s more to radio than The Archers. There will be quite a bit of The Archers on this blog, because it can often be the daftest of the lot.

The BBC in particular puts out an amazing quantity of new drama every year, so I’m going to be as surprised as the rest of you by what comes up, but I’ll only review it if it sounds interesting. This is a fun hobby, not a job. With that said, let’s get listening!


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